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Happy New year to all our clients.

  PadFinder BOX
We take our pleasure to present you new unique "PadFinder" - the universal device, which automatically finds pinout for your cell phone. This device contains a number of unique functions and will allow you to work with a huge range of cell phones. Padfinder was deliberately elaborated to facilitate our clients' efforts in finding the necessary cable and save their precious time. Dealing with the "chinese" phones ( VEPTU, NCKLA, NOKLA, ScnyEricsom etc.) - the widespread imitations of Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, SonyEriccson the majority of people admit that they spend most time for finding the pinout and then for soldering the needed cable. And even if you have the multitude of ready-to-work cables - it is still inconvenient to search for the appropriate one as for the time being there are more than 700 different cables and you will loose a lot of time to find the correct! This problem is espacially burning when you talk about the chinese phones, which nowadays have flooded the cell phones markets in all countries. And let us pay your attention that their quality and functionality are constantly increasing thereby making those phones more and more popular with people. For these reasons we have decided to meet our clients' needs and developed absolutely unique device, which will assist you in search of the needed cables. One of the peculiarities of PadFinder lays in its support not only for chinese phones, but for many others as well! This will allow you to embrace a wide range of phones and correspondingly have an effect on the pace and quality of rendered services to your clients.

Price (in USD): $175
Net Weight (g.): 1500

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In this section you can find the list of phone models which are supported in the basic version of Multi-box. Basic version supportes a lot of models such as Philips, Sendo, Maxon, Vitel TSM, (the full description of model lines is below). Basic version also includes unibox option and JTAG interface for Panasonic and Sendo and special JTAG Tool for Panasonic and other models ( comming soon ). Update for this models is alwayas free of charge! Also we would like to inform you that we have added already more than 20 new FREE addons like: Nokia, Samsung, Panasonic, LG, Alcatel, MTK, Mitsubishi, Motorola, Spice and too many others...

Price (in USD): $350
Net Weight (g.): 350

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  SENDO Test Point for MultiBox
These are two boards which let you restore any dead Sendo phone with erased BOOT through JTAG. Given boards are especial because you don't need to solder to phone. This will for sure save your time and nerves. You just need to connect phone PCB to necessary "test point board" and this board to your Multi-BOX using cable which is also included in package. We hope you'll enjoy this improvement.

Price (in USD): $20
Net Weight (g.): 100

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